Frequently asked questions

At  Crossover Sports, each sport will operate in a very similar fashion and timeline, so this page will have answers to general league-wide questions. However, for each sport, there will be a specific FAQ document on that sport's individual page, as well as at the bottom of this page.

General League Questions

Q: What sports does Crossover Sports offer? When do they normally take place?

A: Crossover Sports offers:

  • Flag Football from August to October
  • Winter League Basketball and Cheerleading from November to February
  • Soccer from January to May

Q: Who is allowed to play in Crossover Sports?

A: Grades allowed to play vary for each sport:

  • Flag Football: K-8th Grade Boys & Girls
  • Winter League
    • Basketball: K-8th Grade Boys & Girls
    • Cheerleading: K-4th Girls
  • Soccer: K-6th Grade Boys & Girls

Q: Who should I contact for more information on Crossover Sports?

A: For more info, please contact Micah Godsey or Dwayne McClelland via email. 

Micah Godsey-

Dwayne McClelland-