Our 2021-2022 Winter Basketball schedule is here! The Game Schedule is listed below and listed by team. The schedules are easy to download and share--simply click on the file and it will download to your device.

Coaches: For information on how to add games and practices to your calendar through the Crossover Sports App, please check this site out.


Bears ('21-'22)

Bruins ('21-'22)

Bucks ('21-'22)

Cougars ('21-'22)

Ducks ('21-'22)

Hawks ('21-'22)

Heat ('21-'22)

Jayhawks ('21-'22)

Longhorns ('21-'22)

Mavericks ('21-'22)

Pacers ('21-'22)

Pistons ('21-'22)

Spurs ('21-'22)

Suns ('21-'22)

Warriors ('21-'22)

Wildcats ('21-'22)

Wolverines ('21-'22)