Hello Everyone,


Here at Crossover Sports, we are eager to share some exciting news with you all! We like to say we are a ministry first and a sports league second, and we hope you have experienced that if you have participated with us in the past. Well, in this upcoming year we are going to go further with that mantra, and put some real action to what we have been saying!


Over the course of this next year we are going to be partnering and working with three different organizations to truly minister to those in need. At the end of each sports season we will be donating all our profits to a different ministry! Flag football profits will be donated to the Veterans Support Group in McDonough, basketball/cheerleading profits will be donated to a Friend’s House in Henry County, and soccer profits will be donated to Porch de Solomon in Panajachel, Guatemala.


We believe we are called to make disciples of all nations, making an impact for the Kingdom of God! And when you choose to participate with Crossover Sports this year, you are helping us make that impact. In order to make the largest impact possible, a few things may look different this upcoming year for you.


First, our registration fees are increasing from $115 to $130 a player. Like many other businesses, rising operational and supply costs have impacted our budget. We also desire to create a slightly larger profit margin than what we currently operate at, so we can make a larger impact in these ministries. 


Second, team pictures will not be part of your registration fees anymore. However, we still plan to have a photographer come out each season to take a team photo for purchase, along with optional individual pictures of your player.


Lastly, our uniforms will look different this year. We are doing our best to keep a similar quality of uniform, but again want to make the largest impact for the Kingdom of God.


I want to thank you all for your understanding in what we are trying to do here at Crossover Sports. We believe with your help and participation we will be able to make a major impact in the community around us, and globally in Guatemala. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Director Dwayne McClellend or our Assistant Director Micah Godsey.



Dwayne and Micah