This is an ADULT Tournament offered through Crossover Sports!


The teams will consist of 4 players, with no more than two players under the age of 30 on any single team (You can have everyone over 30, but no more than two younger than 30). There will be two days of pool play (7/16 & 7/18) and one day of tournament play (7/20)! We will have announcers, concessions, and games to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The tournament costs $50 per team, and it is due before your first game.


Here are the steps to register:

1) Designate a "Captain" for your team, and have them register as a "Tournament Captain". Tournament Captain will be in charge of payment when at the time of registering.

2) The Tournament captain will go to their dashboard and see next to their team name "Invite Players." Click that link.

3) Tournament Captain will enter the emails for the players they want to invite as the program asks.

4) Players will receive an email and follow the steps to register for the team.

5) Once the tournament captain and all three players are registered, and team is paid for, then you are all set!

**Note: Once registered, the team captain can change the team name to make it easier for the other players to join. Make sure when you register, you are on the correct team, and not registering on a team already taken.


If you have any questions or problems please email Micah Godsey at


We want to also remind you as you sign up that this is a FRIENDLY tournament. We ask that you show sportsmanship and love to one another before, during, and after playing. We want to continue to provide adult leagues in the future, which is dependent on how you act. Come out and have fun, and invite family and friends to join you!