2019 Winter League Game Schedules

The 2019-2020 Game Schedules are complete and available to download! Below, the schedules are divided by grade/division. To download, simply click on the link to the pdf and open it through your web browser. After that, you can download it, print it, or share it with friends/family!

Coaches: Be sure to go into the Crossover Sports App and add the schedule to your team schedule so it will appear on your team calendar!



K-5 Eagles

K-5 Dragons

1st/2nd Grade

1st and 2nd Celtics

1st and 2nd Pacers

1st and 2nd Pistons

1st and 2nd Raptors

1st and 2nd Spurs

1st and 2nd Thunder

3rd/4th Grade

3rd and 4th Badgers

3rd and 4th Bruins

3rd and 4th Cougars

3rd and 4th Gators

3rd and 4th Knights

3rd and 4th Sooners

5th-8th Girls

5th thru 8th Girls Cardinals

5th thru 8th Girls Cyclones

5th thru 8th Girls Huskies

5th thru 8th Girls Wolverines

5th/6th Boys

5th and 6th Jayhawks

5th and 6th Panthers

5th and 6th Rattlers

5th and 6th Spartans

5th and 6th Tigers

5th and 6th Wildcats

7th/8th Boys

7th and 8th Boys Hawks

7th and 8th Boys Suns

7th and 8th Bulls

7th and 8th Nets